Latest Contributions

  • Wednesday, 12 June 2019 Association PROMMATA INTERNATIONAL
    PROMMATA International (P.I.) is an association that is committed to promoting modern animal traction in developing countries in order to support ecological agriculture of small farmers still relying mainly on manual work. Cooperation with the partners of the association aims to provide equipment, to offer training and to relieve the physical strains of farming men and women in order to improve their agroecological practice and their income. P.I. has unique expertise regarding agricultural equipment for animal traction and has run projects in different countries of the Maghreb and the Sahel as well as in Madagascar and in Mexico. The association also has specific experience and practice regarding cooperation linked to the development of local expertise (construction workshops, training and using work animals, breeding and agricultural practices) The modern equipment for animal traction is manufactured on site in the workshops of the partners in the developing countries, relying on the transfer of know-how through international missions and training provided by the P.I. experts.
  • Sunday, 31 March 2019 Horse Progress Days 2019
  • Monday, 11 March 2019 The harness for draught horses - Guidebook 1
    This new guidebook presents three types of harness for draught horses used in Europe and in North America nowadays. An excellent booklet that mainly addresses beginners, with good photos and amazing hand-painted illustrations. (available also in Italian).
  • Saturday, 02 February 2019 PferdeStark 2019
  • Tuesday, 08 January 2019 Le cheval de travail en Suisse
    This study about the current situation of the working horse industry in Switzerland presents the working equid in general, meaning the possible uses, the assets and drawbacks, the technical data etc. Furthermore it situates the industry in the Swiss context (state of agriculture, forestry, territorial development etc.) and shows how it works by analysing the outcomes of a survey among stakeholders.
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